Three Simple Precautions in a Dangerous Divorce Situation


For many, the most tumultuous and volatile time of their life will be at the initial separation from their spouse. Frequently, both spouses are suffering from extreme stress and situational, emotional reactions may occur.  The significance of the emotional reaction can be greatly enhanced if there is substance abuse or severe mental health issues that exist for one or both of the spouses.

When confronted with an immediate, potential dangerous, situation remember:

1. When in doubt, contact the police.  Although the police may only defuse the situation, there is no extreme downside to this option.

2. If the physical abuse or threat of physical abuse is real and imminent, filing a protection from abuse action is an alternative.  The protection from abuse action can be filed through a private attorney, through night court in your area, or through appearing at the Allegheny County Family Division by 8:30 a.m. Monday through Friday.

3. Simply leave the physical location of the confrontation.  Go to a friend’s house or relatives and allow the situation to defuse.

Always remember, in the initial separation period, physical and mental safety is an utmost goal.  Most importantly, when confronted with any potential for a dangerous situation, walk away and do not escalate the situation. 

The good news is that with time, most of the intense, emotional instability dissipates.  Keeping your distance and choosing your actions and words wisely is the appropriate way to start a separation period.

Contact a family law attorney at Pollock Begg Komar Glasser & Vertz LLC to learn more about protecting yourself and your family either during divorce or while still living with an abusive spouse.