Three Mayors and a PIO Walk into an Elevator…

Mayor Bill Peduto shares tweets after being stuck in a Westin Hotel elevator.

Who knew mayors and elevators go together like oil and water?

A trio of mayors including Mayor Bill Peduto got stuck in a Westin Hotel elevator this Thursday night.

Leetsdale Mayor, Peter Poninsky Millvale Mayor, Vincent Cinski and ALCOSAN Public Information Officer, Jeanne Clark were all attending a meeting for the Allegheny League of Municipalities when their elevator came to a halt.

After they became aware that none of them had any bars of cell service the quartet of public officers realized they were indeed trapped in the elevator.

Mayor Peduto made light of the situation by taking a few selfies with his fellow stranded comrades that he shared on Twitter post-rescue.

Fortunately, a Westin Hotel employee who was also in the elevator used her walkie-talkie to phone for help and notify first-responders.

The group was stuck for nearly 40 minutes before maintenance crews helped everyone to safety.

Clark joked in an interview with WTAE’s Kelly Brennan that “next time they’ll be taking the stairs.”


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