This Past Weekend, Pittsburghers Got Soaked in the Name of Charity

When fighting poverty, we ’Burghers roll up our sleeves — and prepare to get drenched — when a worthy cause is involved.



It’s one thing to watch Sally Wiggin get pelted with water balloons for five consecutive minutes. It’s another to witness the surrounding Pittsburgh community unite as one to fight against global poverty.

On Saturday afternoon, the nonprofit Team Tassy put together its third annual Great American Water Balloon Fight at Schenley Plaza, where an approximate 70,000 water balloons were filled and launched in quick succession. Four recognizable Pittsburgh figures — from the likes of 96.1 KISS DJ Tall Cathy to veteran broadcaster Wiggin herself — each led a team.

Team Tassy originally was inspired by one boy following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. Tassy, who survived the quake, was suffering from a life-threatening tumor that if untreated would have killed him. Founder of the organization Ian Rosenberg raised enough money to bring the boy to Pittsburgh to undergo a successful operation and save his life.

Since then, Rosenberg and company have dedicated their time to help others in need, as they did for Tassy years ago.

— Sam Fatula


#Sports: Antonio Brown makes play, ends up in “Karate Kid” parody video




The Pittsburgh Steelers managed to keep things . . . interesting in yesterday’s season opener versus the Cleveland Browns. In the second quarter, Antonio Brown was gripping the ball, en route from a punt return, when he kicked punter Spencer Lanning in the head. Lanning had been winding up to tackle the zippy wide receiver, setting his noggin right in line with Brown’s cleat. Brown’s move spurred much commentary — and a parody clip by the inimitable Benstonium.

Lanning, said to be doing just fine, should know that Brown is the type of guy who continues to move even when he’s lost a shoe. And it should be known that the ever-sweet Brown (who’d been called on a penalty) told ESPN, "No intent to hurt him. I had my mind made up that he was going over me. I thought he was going low and I tried to leap over him. It was just a bad outcome of a play."


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