This One's for the Girls

A special t-shirt to add to your game-day get up.

Hello, ladies. How are we today?

I’m well, thanks for asking.

How about that game against the Ravens? That’s one we’ll tell our grandchildren about someday.

That win brings us to the AFC Championship game, right here in Pittsburgh, against the Jets, a team who managed to beat the seemingly indestructible Patriots.

"EEEK!" am I right?

Super excited. Super nervous.

My game day wardrobe? Not sure yet. Maybe my husband’s Greene jersey.

If we lose, I’ll replace it with sackcloth and ashes and see if I can will my body to grow boils. That’s in Job.

Here’s another option for your wardrobe choice, which reader @GaitLadyPGH alerted me to when she found it on the Burgh Exposed site.

ring envy

I love it. It’s feminine with a gentle dose of unmistakable in-your-faceness.

You can find the shirt online at Jupe Boutique or visit their store at 2306 East Carson St. in the South Side.

Tell them I sent you and that I was wondering if they have any fashionable winter sackcloth available.

Just in case.

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