This is What Pittsburgh Looked Like at Noon, 78 Years Ago

A little reminder of how much has changed in the Steel City.

Photos courtesy of the University of Pittsburgh's Historic Image Collection


As Pittsburgh continues to change, there will be inevitable pangs of nostalgia for “the way things were.” In some respects, the disappearance of blue-collar Pittsburgh is something to mourn. Then again, before you get too sentimental, take a look at these photos of Pittsburgh at the height of its steel-producing powers.

These are photos of downtown in 1940. At noon.





Holy smoke. Note the time on the clock. That's 8:40 a.m. Rise and shine! Think about these images the next time you have a gloomy Monday. There's not enough Iron City in the world …

For comparison, here’s downtown Pittsburgh in 2013.


Photo by Dave DiCello


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