This is How You Pop the Question: Four Fabulous Proposals

On Day Four of our Week of Wedded Bliss, we said “yes!” to these four beautiful proposals from our Real Pittsburgh Weddings couples.

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Before the flowers, the dress or the guest list, one special moment begins a couple’s wedding journey: the proposal.

Whether a proposal takes place in a quiet, intimate setting or in a public venue, what matters most is the connection between two people.  

We fell in love with these four romantic and surprising proposals.

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Pulling Out All the Stops
Wedding Date: July 17, 2015

Anthony Roppa went the extra mile to make sure his proposal was surprising, magical — and caught on camera. He told his girlfriend, Danielle Piccolo, that they were going to a special dinner to celebrate one year of dating. In reality, he was preparing for a newsworthy proposal that involved an undercover cop, a rented Mount Washington overlook and even a drone.

“While I was getting ready for the evening, Anthony was cutting holes into his suit jacket to hide a microphone to record his proposal,” Danielle says. “He had everything planned out minute by minute!”

When the couple arrived at Mount Washington, Anthony suggested they go check out a tent set up on one of the overlooks. As they looked out at the city, a string quartet, placed nearby, played their favorite song, “Could It Be I’m Falling in Love,” and Anthony got down on one knee.

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“I cried happy tears and hugged him in complete shock without even looking at the ring,” Danielle says. “When I looked up, there was a drone flying around and a photographer snapping a lot of pictures.”

That’s right — the groom-to-be even hired a drone to film the moment. But the surprise wasn’t over yet.



The couple traveled to the Edgeworth Club in Sewickley, where Anthony had arranged a private wine-cellar dinner with Danielle’s parents. Although her father was in on the secret, her mom had no idea and was thrilled to see her newly engaged daughter.

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Nature’s Blessing
Photographer: Lady of the Lens
Wedding Date: July 9, 2015

When Mary Rueda and David Anzio went hiking at Yosemite National Park, David brought along an extra surprise with the hiking gear: an engagement ring.

“I had a feeling [I’d find] … a beautiful and perfect spot to propose during the hike,” he says. When they came across an old, hollowed out tree trunk that looked like an altar, David knew the time was right.

Mary, of course, said yes. “We were told that Yosemite was magical by someone that we had met in our travels, and that couldn’t have been more true,” she says. “It was a day we’ll never forget.”

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Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
Wedding Date: April 11, 2015

When Jack Holden proposed to Dana Sander, the pair hadn’t seen each other for three months. They’d met abroad, but Jack lived in England while Dana lived in Pittsburgh.

He was scheduled to visit Easter weekend, but she didn’t know those plans had changed. A few days before he was set to arrive, Dana thought she was going to a wine tasting at Monterey Bay Fish Grotto with her parents.

“I turned the corner, and sitting there at a table for two against the whole skyline of Pittsburgh was Jack Holden,” Dana says. “Tears were flowing. … I had no idea he was even in America!”

Their emotional reunion was topped off with the true surprise of the night: Jack’s proposal. When Dana said yes, the entire restaurant burst into applause.

“We had the best time laughing, crying tears of joy, dining and planning our exciting future together,” Dana says.

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Making Memories
Wedding Date: January 18, 2015

After dating for six years, Harry Chiel and Zoe Tabachnick were vacationing in Cape Cod, Mass., where Harry had created an intimate, romantic setting for his proposal: a pond-side picnic on a dock. While there, he presented Zoe with a box of mementos from their relationship, from photos to ticket stubs.

“We went through each item together and reflected on so many memories from throughout the years,” Zoe says.

When their reminiscing was done, Harry pulled out a ring and asked Zoe to marry him. After such a thoughtful proposal, she naturally said yes.

“It was so special,” Zoe says. “I was also really impressed that he had the foresight years ago to hold on to all those memories!”

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