This Giant Rubber Duck is Coming to Take Over the Three Rivers

Florentijn Hofman's floating art installation will kick off the Pittsburgh International Festival of Firsts this fall.

Photo via Flickr


Just a fair warning: If you happen to be boating in the Allegheny River this September and you see a 40-foot-tall duck appear on the horizon, menacingly inching closer and closer with an unflinching gaze until the city skyline is blocked by its immensity, you are not hallucinating. Your Iron City was not dosed by your Cool Uncle Ron. That duck is real.

Florentijn Hofman's floating art installation, "The Rubber Duck," has captivated cities from Hong Kong to Sydney to Tokyo, and now it's coming to Pittsburgh. The launch of the duck in the Allegheny River will kick off the the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust's International Festival of Firsts on Sept. 27.

Now we throw out a challenge to you, Mr. Garrett Jones. Your 463-foot home run that splashed into the Allegheny was impressive, but if you can manage to hit the giant duck and deflate it with your raw power, you might actually break the internet.


Your move, Jones.