Things That Have Changed Since the Pirates Last Had a Winning Season

Buccos achieve what once seemed to be an unreachable 81st win, and the next generation says: What’s the big deal?

Photo by Dave DiCello


We didn't know about Marcellus Shale. Heinz Field and PNC Park didn't exist. Pittsburgh International Airport was brand-new. And this year's batch of high-school seniors weren't yet born.

The Pittsburgh Business Times put together a list of things that have changed — and some that haven’t — in the ’Burgh since the Pirates last had a winning series in 1992. The most shocking? Parking at the Mellon Square Garage in downtown Pittsburgh was between $3 and $8 per day back then. *Cue "All in the Family" piano*

After the Buccos’ victory last night, we'll have to start our collection all over again. Will the Squirrel Hill Tunnel Rehabilitation Project still exist in 2033? Let’s hope not.


#Listicles: 13 interesting things about the 412


BuzzFeed has had a love fest with Pittsburgh lately, and a new post this week with 13 interesting things about our city keeps that going.

However, they failed to mention both cars on the The Racer at Kennywood run on the same track. That's an easy No. 14.


#Props: Next time you take a breath, thank these folks


The Breathe Project, whose aim is to continue to make Pittsburgh's air even cleaner, presented its first ever "Breathe Awards" this month. The winners are Pitt Ohio, a transportation solutions provider in the Strip District; Global Links, which provides medical relief and development organization; and community organizer Brian Brown of the Hill District Consensus Group.

In terms of pollution, we're certainly doing better than we were 73 years ago. (It was dark at noon).

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