There's an App for That! The Tile Finds Keys, Wallets

Say goodbye to the days of destroying your entire house while frantically searching for your missing must-haves.

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We’ve all had those mornings: you missed your alarm, woke up late and are rushing out the door when you realize you have no idea where your keys are.

Enter Tile, a ringing Bluetooth tracker you can easily attach to pretty much anything.

Bluetooth tracking devices are nothing new, but they bring nothing to the table if you’ve lost your keys somewhere in your own house. What makes Tile unique is that the tracker rings, so you can actually call your keys, wallet or any other item that you’ve attached a Tile to as long as you’re within Bluetooth range of the tracker (about 100 feet).

Double-tapping the button on any Tile will also make your phone ring, even if it’s on silent, meaning you can also call your phone from your other Tile items. The only catch is that your phone’s Bluetooth must be turned on in order for the Tile to be able to connect to it.

There are two Tile styles to choose from. The Tile Mate ($25 or $70 for a pack of four) was designed with a hole so it can attach to your keys, luggage or backpack. The Tile Slim ($30 or $100 for four) is as thin as a credit card — an ideal size for your wallet or purse pocket.

With some help from adhesive stickers, you can literally attach a Tile to anything: your remote, bicycle, passport, electronic devices, musical instruments — the list goes on.


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If you’ve actually lost something, have no fear. There’s an option on the app to view the item’s last known location on a map, aka the last place the app actually connected to your Tile.

If the map doesn’t help you locate your lost item, you can seek help from the Tile community by selecting the “Notify When Found” option in the app. That way, any time someone who’s running the Tile app passes by your missing item, you’ll automatically be notified of its most recent location and can use the ringer to locate the item when you get close.

It works both ways, so anytime you’re running the Tile app and come within range of someone else’s lost item, the owner will be notified of its location. This Tile community feature is automatic and anonymous.

Tile batteries last a full year with no charging, and you can upgrade your Tiles after they die with the company’s reTile program. The product can be purchased online or at local Apple stores. 



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