Theft: Holiday Presents Stolen from East Hills Community Center

Pittsburgh Police and community members rally to find replacements in time for Christmas.


The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported earlier today about a theft at the East Hills community center, where at least 383 presents were stolen overnight. Those gifts were intended to be given to underprivileged children in the East End. The story quotes Zone 5 Cmdr. Jason Lando: "It's disgusting. We never condone theft of any kind, but three days before Christmas and you're stealing from little kids, especially, I mean these are kids who are less fortunate."

Cmdr. Lando and police now are leading an effort to rally support to make sure those children still receive a Christmas present. Gift cards for Target and Walmart —both located near the center — or new toys can be dropped off at the police station at 1401 Washington Blvd. electronic gift cards can be emailed to Officers will shop for new presents on Wednesday morning. 

UPDATE: Community response has been overwhelming and the donation request is now called off. 

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