The Supply Shop for All Things Occult in Pittsburgh

Visitors come in to find “things they didn’t know they needed.”

photo by cory morton


October seems like the time to mention that there’s an occult shop on Penn Avenue in Garfield. This is not, however, the sort of place you’ll go to stock up for Halloween; rather, it’s a one-stop shop for a variety of spiritual practices and folk traditions.

Arts & Crafts: Botanica and Occult Shop ( offers incense, sage, essential oils, candles and other products related to rituals and belief systems from communities around the world.

Amber M. Epps, Ph.D., opened the space three years ago as an art gallery and retail and performance space; she converted it in September 2016.

“We need more businesses that bring foot traffic to Penn Avenue,” she says, adding, “I [also] know that there’s a need in Pittsburgh for shops like this.”

Epps says she’s found more customers than she expected, ranging from local adherents to immigrants looking for the products they were able to find in their home countries. Visitors come in to find “things they didn’t know they needed,” Epps says. “Or [they’re] just people who like incense.”

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