The Point's Fountain Shoots Water, Rainbow Lasers

The spectral show was put on by Pittsburgh-based Lightwave International to celebrate the return of the iconic fountain.

Photo by Dave DiCello


Just when you thought the downtown skyline couldn’t get any more amazing, a laser rainbow appears over the Point. The light show was commissioned to celebrate the return of the iconic fountain at Point State Park.

The best part? The show was developed by Bridgeville-based Lightwave International. The company has orchestrated similar shows all over the world and has even provided special effects for the recent Tom Cruise flick Oblivion and music festivals such as South by Southwest and Coachella (and, honestly, if EDM really is the new rock n’ roll, maybe laser shows will be this town’s new steel industry).

Lightwave is no stranger to buzz-worthy stunts. The company was also responsible for the bat signal that shined on Fifth Avenue Place in 2011 when production of The Dark Knight Rises began in Pittsburgh.

Want more? Lightwave has a full gallery of photos from the laser show at the Point.

Just for comparison, here's a vintage photo of The Golden Triangle from 1960.

#Awesome: Evolved Networking for Gen-Y Gals

Admittedly, it can be difficult for women of the millennial generation (Gen-Y) to find networking groups that are able to keep up with their fast-paced, multi-tasking, tech-based lives. Who has time for panels and real-life small-talk in the social media age? Twenty-four-year-old Jessica Brown, Strategic Storyteller at Pittsburgh-based Imagebox Productions, was struggling with that very question.

Seeking a more evolved networking group, Brown stumbled upon New York-based Levo League, a “community of professional women seeking advice, inspiration and the tools needed to succeed.” There was just one problem. Levo had local branches across the world, but no presence in Pittsburgh.

Until now. Tonight, Local Levo: Pittsburgh will launch with its first networking event, #Ask4More: A Negotiation Workshop, with Brown as co-leader, at Revv Oakland.

Thinking of asking for a raise? Visit the Local Levo: Pittsburgh site for more info.

— By Krystal Hare, PM Fact-checker

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