The Perfect Shot: Wedding Photographers’ Favorite Moments

We asked these Pittsburgh wedding photographers to share some of their most-memorable photos — and the stories behind them.

Photographers — particularly those who shoot weddings — encounter countless couples with unique stories, different family dynamics and their own look. Despite the myriad of people they meet, some can stick in their minds long after the big day is over. We asked these Pittsburgh wedding photographers to share their favorite photos and tell us what makes them special.

Libby Hilf Photography
A perfectly timed snapshot at Beth Miller and Jordan Kinzler’s wedding on April 11, 2015 showcased a beautiful moment for the couple — one that stands out to Libby Hilf of Libby Hilf Photography.

“Most brides list ‘groom’s reaction’ as a must-have photo from their wedding day,” Libby says. “Beth was no different, and she requested a photo of Jordan’s face as he saw her coming down the aisle. But Beth’s eyes are my favorite. This photo is from the very moment she made eye contact with her groom. After smiling and looking side to side at family and friends, she saw him standing there. And her eyes say it all. So much love!”

Kukucka Photography
For Beth Kukucka of Kukucka Photography, it wasn’t a couple who stole the show for this shot — but a little boy named Giovanni who was attending the wedding of Nicci Fontana and Joe Bertucci on June 11, 2010.

“I was photographing a Catholic ceremony, and Giovanni had places to go and things to do,” Beth says. “He was being a bit loud and distracting and was banished to the back of the church. As I was photographing the vows, something told me to turn around. And there he was behind the church door, as if to say, 'I will NOT be ignored!'

“I would have to say that this is at least one of my favorite images in over 15 years of photographing weddings.”

Jenna Hidinger Photography
Bold, bright colors are a part of Jenna Hidinger’s signature photography style, and Hotel Monaco lent itself perfectly to this theme for Aleks and Lauren Ivetic’s wedding on Nov. 14, 2015.

“We stole Aleks and Lauren away during cocktail hour for a couple of moments to explore the hotel,” Jenna says. “We happened upon a back hallway styled in classic Pittsburgh colors — black and gold — so of course we had to stop to take a few portraits there! With some creative lighting, I believe we were able to bring the space to life and capture Aleks and Lauren’s love for Pittsburgh all in one photo.”

Leeann Marie Photography
Leeann Golish of Leeann Marie Photography captured a different kind of first look on May 21, 2016 at Amanda Lomupo’s wedding to Nathan Ross.

“Here, Amanda’s dad sees her for the first time on her wedding day, and you can simply feel the emotion of this quiet moment,” Leeann says. “Her mother smiling from ear to ear in the background speaks of how proud she is, and her father just breaks down and cries at the sight of his little girl in her wedding dress.

“Being present for moments like this ensures that I love my job each and every time I go to ‘work,’ and I’m honored to tell these family stories for generations to come.”

Rachel Tokarski Photography
Some couples view the possibility of rain on their wedding day as a dreaded omen of bad luck or something that may put a damper on the festivities. But not Sarah Winter and Nick Bruno, as captured by Rachel Tokarski Photography on May 21. The couple continued with their photos and improvised by hiding under the groom’s jacket.

“Sometimes it rains on wedding days, and you have to brave the weather,” Rachel says. “It always makes me happy when couples adapt and have fun no matter what.”

Kristin Sanderson Photography
Lorraine Grant and Joseph Grmusa wed on March 7, 2015 — a cold and snowy day. Kristin Sanderson says that although the photo was taken in the winter — a sometimes-difficult time of year to take photos — she still was able to capture some great shots of the happy couple.

“This is one of my favorite wedding photos because it just shows how much love they have for each other,” Kristin says. “The illuminating light makes you feel their happiness.”

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