The Peoples Gas Holiday Market May be Closed, But You Can Still Shop There

Like so many other things in 2020, the market for unique and handmade gifts from small businesses has gone virtual.

Holiday Market

The wooden chalets of the Peoples Gas Holiday Market Downtown are shuttered now because of the pandemic, but the market itself is still open online for shoppers. Many of the vendors are based in Pittsburgh and are now selling their wares virtually.

The ninth-annual market opened on Black Friday, a week later this year because of the cancellation of Light Up Night. The layout of the chalets was reconfigured to allow for increased social distancing. Due to the latest state orders to reduce the spread of COVID-19, Friday, Dec. 11, was the final day of operations for the market.

Vendors told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that in-person sales had been slow this year, especially on weekdays, because so many Downtown offices are empty or nearly empty. Several vendors did report an uptick in traffic on the weekends when visitors were seeking to support small businesses and simply get out of the house.

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