The Lights Are About to Go Out on the Rachel Carson Bridge

The wind-powered LED lighting display will end its 18-month run in April.

If you have yet to experience the “Energy Flow” rainbow light display on the Rachel Carson Bridge, you should soon head Downtown after dark. The wind-powered light show will end on Sunday, April 8.

The 27,000 LED lights and 16 wind turbines were installed on the bridge to celebrate the city’s bicentennial in 2016. The light display is being removed before an 18-month bridge rehabilitation project gets underway this summer.

"While we're sad to see it end, we're excited for the future of the Rachel Carson Bridge and the future, recycled use of the installation in our community," Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald said in a statement.

Some of the LED lights will illuminate Garrison Place, a Downtown alleyway between Exchange Way and Liberty Avenue. The new lighting project, which will be known as Garrison Canal, is sponsored by the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership.

WindStax will reuse the turbines for other projects.

“Energy Flow” debuted on Light Up Night in November 2016 and was originally intended to last just four months. Because of its popularity, the county extended the run into this year.

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