The Guide to Pittsburgh's Best Juices

Post-Thanksgiving is a perfect time to start drinking your greens.


Is it me, or did we have only one juice company in Pittsburgh the other day — and then we blinked and had 20? Not that I’m complaining! I am all about juice! Not the fruity kind. Rather, the vegetable kind — and our local companies make such amazingly good combinations.

I’m giving you this list now because post-Thanksgiving is the perfect time to balance out all the indulgence; plus, trading a couple of meals for juice is a nice way to give your body some love.

It is so exciting to me that this year we doubled the number of options we have for fresh, nutrient-packed juice. So much so that we celebrated our very first Juice Fest, where seven of our city’s juice companies competed in categories including “Meanest Green” and “Best Seasonal.”

Organically Social — a new company that promotes healthy living in Pittsburgh by giving us discounts to health and wellness services and products — staged the festival. I was pleasantly surprised at how packed the North Hills venue was when I arrived to serve as one of the judges. More than 300 people attended the event. And I got to know many of the new juice companies.

So, what’s the big deal about juicing? For starters, it is one of the best ways to get nutrient density. For example, a 16-ounce bottle may contain three beets, four carrots, two celery stalks, one whole cucumber, five stalks of kale and three large cabbage leaves. Think of all the nutrients in that glass — it is doubtful that you can get all those vegetables in one sitting otherwise! For juicing newbies, there are much easier variants such as pineapple-based juices and others that are on the sweeter side, with more fruit in the recipe. But remember: Green juices with less sugar are the most potent.

On really busy days, when I feel like I’m not eating well, I will grab a bottle of green juice, and it immediately makes me feel better. When I feel like I’m about to come down with something, I definitely drink a bottle or two. And on those days when I feel like I’ve indulged too much . . . again, juice.

So let’s stock up. Here are the 12 places where you can get juiced! Keep in mind that the fresher the juice (as in, juiced right on the spot), the better it is!


Amazing Café

I talk about Amazing Cafe so much. But that really is one of the best places to get some amazingly delicious and healthy food. I can go on for paragraphs about the food, but the juices are just as fantastic. There are four simple combinations that you can boost with some therapeutic-grade supplements. For example, get the After Party with some carrot, apple, beet, celery and ginger and then add a turmeric boost to quickly recover from a crazy night.


East End Food Co-Op

The classic Pittsburgh health-food store in Point Breeze makes fresh juices that you can sip while shopping. You can order ones as simple as Just Carrot or Happy Apple, or you can get a serving of Dante’s Inferno, a combination of beets, carrots and celery with a healthy kick of ginger and garlic. My favorite is the Grasshopper, a combination of kale, celery, parsley, cucumber, apple, lemon and ginger.


Fresh From The Farm Juices

You’ve probably seen Fresh from the Farm Juices in the refrigerated drinks section of your favorite coffee shop or salad bar. The Wexford-based company has the most widely distributed local juice in the city. They’re a great option for the “beginner” juice lover, as the matchups are more on the sweet side. The Black and Yellow is a delicious fruit juice with pineapple, blackberry, orange and lavender. But my favorite is The Works — a green pepper, red pepper, cayenne pepper, broccoli, carrot, lemon, ginger concoction. I know. It sounds intense as a JUICE, but trust me.

GOODLife Juices

GOODLife Juices is one of the few truly RAW juice companies. What does that mean? There is no flash pasteurization going on. PLUS GOODLife uses a press to get the juice from the fruits and veggies — minimizing the heat generated from the process (hence, preserving the most nutrients and enzymes). Because it is completely raw, the shelf life is not as long, so the company only sells direct. Good news? GOODLife delivers all over Allegheny County for a $40 minimum! My favorite is the Essential Green Juice, a mix of kale, spinach, cucumber, parsley, lemon, pear and ginger.


Herban Touch Juice Lab

Visit Beaver County to stock up at Herban Touch Juice Lab. Herban Touch makes raw, unpasteurized juice in glass bottles. (Side note: I love juice in glass bottles!) PLUS the crew adds spices and essential oils. For example, the Fiery Hearth juice has beets, tomatoes, jalapeño peppers, garlic cloves, apple-cider vinegar, turmeric, pink Himalayan salt and rosemary essential oil. Your immune system just got a major boost!


Living Juicy Raw Café

Ellsworth Avenue got even more interesting with the addition of Living Juicy Raw Café. The café serves a selection of raw food, smoothies and juices. Check out the Incredible Hulk, with spinach, romaine, parsley, cucumber, celery, Swiss chard, kale, green apple and sea salt. Living Juicy also offers add-ins such as spirulina, chia seeds and wheat grass. You could even try a shot like you’ve never had before: the Stay Well, a cocktail of lemon, garlic, oregano and cayenne. #Pow



The Pittsburgh Juice Company

Why do I love Pittsburgh Juice Company? Not only do Zeb and Naomi Homison (above) make great juices in Lawrenceville, but they also repurpose all of the pulp to create some delicious treats. I am in love with their fresh spring rolls with young coconut, green juice pulp and a yummy peanut sauce. So for a quick lunch on the go, I like to grab a bottle of their Super Green juice and a box of their spring rolls. What a great way to have your juice AND fiber, too.

Root System Juice Company

I discovered Root System Juice Company as I was touring the new Pittsburgh Public Market Kitchen. Beth Stein was busy juicing fresh batches for her clients. Root System Juice Company, like GOODLife Juices, only sells direct. Root System Juices are 100 percent organic and delivered in glass bottles. Root System offers green juices, root juices, citrus and fruits, plus a seasonal selection. My favorite is a Mean Green juice of cucumber, kale, broccoli, parsley and lemon. You’ll notice Root System juices are very dense: Beth uses more leafy greens per bottle than any other juicer I know!


Salud Juicery

City folk rejoiced when Sewickley favorite Salud Juicery opened a second location in Shadyside. I love the Pom-Cha-Cha — a mix of pomegranate, apple and chia seeds. It’s such a great alternative to sweet soda or pre-packed juice. I have to say that I equally love Salud’s smoothies. In fact, one of their entries at the Juice Fest was a smoothie — the Green Anna — that won People’s Choice. People didn’t care that it technically wasn’t a juice; it just had to win. It’s that good, and I hope Salud adds it to the menu soon because I don’t see it online (hint, hint!).

Savasana Juice Company

I first had a Savasana juice at my favorite yoga studio, Yoga Hive on Penn Avenue in Garfield. It was such a great way to refresh after a great practice. I love that proprietor Steve Bland calls his juice fasts “juice FEASTS” (OK, Steve, if you say so!) Truly, with all of the flavor that he packs in every mason jar of juice, it is quite a feast. Savasana is available for pick-up or delivery in the East End.

Three Little Birds Cafe & Juice Bar

Three Little Birds is a cozy café in Glenshaw. It provides breakfast and vegetarian dishes, coffee and, of course, juices. You can get a shot of wheatgrass to start your day, or you can get a perfect winter meal — homemade warming soup and an immune-boosting fresh juice!

Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market makes its own juices in-house, and it also provides a large selection of juices from all over the country. I prefer our locally pressed juices — most of them are raw and unpasteurized — for maximum nutrient density. However, in a pinch, when I am already at the grocery store, I often grab a bottle. My go-to is Garden of Flavor Mean Green. Perusing the Whole Foods shelf is a good way to get an idea of flavors you may want to experiment with at home with your own juicer.

Oh, and in case you’re curious, here are the winners of the Juice Fest. Grab a glass or two to get rid of that post-Thanksgiving puffy feeling! Ooof.

Meanest Green
Herban Touch Juice Lab – Chlorophyll

Most Unique
GOODLife Juices – PAM

Best Seasonal
Herban Touch Juice Lab – Pumpkin Juice

Best Smoothie
Salud Juicery – Green Anna

People's Choice
Salud Juicery – Green Anna

Judge's Choice
Herban Touch Juice Lab – Chlorophyll



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