Tell Us Why Your Neighborhood Defines the City

Tell us a story about your 'hood and your work could be featured in an upcoming issue of Pittsburgh magazine.

Neighborhoods: We love them. From the cafes and boutiques of Shadyside to the warehouses and street vendors of the Strip District to the red and blue awnings of Bloomfield’s snug row-houses, neighborhoods define our city’s culture.

Our new City Guide features essays from our writers and editors, who make a case for why each of our 12 featured neighborhoods are part of the fabric that has made Pittsburgh America’s Most Livable City. Unfortunately, there was only enough space in this edition of City Guide to include select the areas surrounding downtown.

We know we missed some amazing neighborhoods, which is why we’re reaching out to our readers for help.

We want to hear your most compelling, passionate story about the neighborhood you live in.

In 500 words or less, let us know why your neighborhood is the real heartbeat of the city. There are no guidelines—stories can be about local legends, neighborhood characters, community rehab projects or anything that makes your ‘hood come alive—so let your imagination run wild.

The winning essay will be featured in an upcoming issue of Pittsburgh magazine.

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