#TBT: Hawking Beer & Burgers During Steelers' First Super Bowl

The game was great. The commercials were . . . meh.

When the regular season was only 14 games, this was Super Bowl week in the NFL.

Forty years ago, Pittsburghers by the thousands were traveling to New Orleans for Super Bowl IX. As every self-respecting black-and-gold fan knows, Pittsburgh defeated Minnesota 16-6.

The game was great — but what about the commercials? You want fries with that?

This Bud’s for you . . .

Those 30-second commercials cost $107,000. This year, a 30-second Super Bowl spot is expected to cost $4.5 million.


Photos by dave dicello


#Icy Allegheny

A year ago this week, brutal cold turned the Allegheny River into an icy thing of beauty.




Photo courtesy of chalkhillmedia.org


#Pittsburgh's First TV Station

WDTV went on the air in Pittsburgh for the first time on Jan. 11, 1949. Back then, they covered the news by bus.

The station’s first program featured segments with Arthur Godfrey and Milton Berle. (Click on the links or ask your parents.) Six years later, Westinghouse bought the station and changed the call letters to KDKA. If you were around for the Steelers’ first Super Bowl win, you might remember this . . .


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