Take a Moment and Revel in the Browns' Misery

When you watch this video, it's hard to imagine how things in Cleveland could get any worse.

Fans of the 6-5 Steelers are a long way off from making any Super Bowl travel plans, but at least they're not in the same boat as the Browns.

It's hard to imagine how things in Cleveland could get any worse. Consider how their last game ended. 

The Browns were a field goal away from beating the hated Baltimore Ravens Monday night until the kick was blocked and Ravens safety Will Hill scooped up the ball and ran it back for the game-winning touchdown. With endings like that, it's easy to see why the team is 2-9 and its fans are more than fed up. 

Judging from the above video, life for a Browns' fan is a combination of sadness, resignation, anger and fury.

But isn't the soundtrack just perfect?


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