Take a Hike: Washington's Landing

Now that you’re embracing the warm weather, it’s time to venture to a hidden island.

Photo by Brad Truxell

Now that you’re embracing the warm weather, it’s time to venture to “the island.” We’re serious — Washington’s Landing is the perfect place to run, jog and indulge in whatever other outdoor pastimes you prefer this time of year. It’s quiet and on the water, with a picturesque setting for long walks and exploration. (We should know: PM’s headquarters are in Washington’s Landing.)

Follow River Avenue as it curves onto the 30th Street Bridge and cross to the island. Roll around the bend onto Waterfront Drive, and park your car in the public lot.

You’re going to need to stretch before heading toward the fancy homes and hitting the dirt path; you’ll take the trail that runs along the outermost edge and follow ’til you hit the footbridge, where you can check out the city view.

After that, turn around and make your way back to the starting point — except you’re going to stay on the path for a while, passing casual joggers and lots of bunnies.

You’ll near the end of the trail, where it almost loops, and want to head straight down the man-made steps to a hidden spot; enormous natural, flat rocks provide the perfect perching spot as you take a breather and look at the river.

Resume your journey and stay on the path ’til it ends; plan on chowing down at Redfin Blues (pictured above), where the riverfront dining is breathtaking (and the ahi tuna isn’t bad, either). Your car is across the street, when you’re ready to leave the island.

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