Take a Hike: Emerald View Park

Now’s a good time as any to head outside. Why not venture to the place offering the finest view of the city — Mt. Washington?

Photo by John Altdorfer

There’s nothing quite like a stroll outside to yank you out of hibernation. Outdoorsy types can look to Mt. Washington’s Emerald View Park as a destination for such fun. Officially established in 2005, Emerald View connects parks, sidewalks and trails that run through Mt. Washington and nearby areas (like the West End); the network continues to grow, thanks to the work of volunteers and community-development folks. We’re offering a play-by-play agenda — so break out your comfy kicks and get movin’.

Park near Grandview Avenue and Sweetbriar Street (in Duquesne Heights, past the Duquesne Incline), and amble over to Point of View Park, Emerald View’s westernmost attraction. There you’ll see the statue of George Washington with Seneca leader Guyasuta (pictured). You’re in a prime place for contemplation, with an unobstructed view of the bridges, rivers, skyscrapers and grassy spots below.

Get moving again; head toward the West End (as the road wraps around the rolling hillside), making a beeline for Skookum Field.

At the field, take in your surroundings and continue around the bend to Duquesne Heights’ greenway, where you’ll be strolling for a bit — and have an opportunity to once again check out the scenic spots beneath you.

From there, you’ll make a left to visit Olympia Park (with a swingset, for those looking to take a breather!).

Continue onto Virginia Avenue briefly. Then make a left onto Bigham Street; stop at Bigham Tavern to refuel and order some of the famous wings.

Once you’re finished there, keep walking down the street until it meets Grandview; you’ll hang a left and make your way past classic restaurants (like Tin Angel) and the incline station. As you’re nearing the end of your little journey, feel free to take in the scenery one last time and stretch. Then you’re back where you started.

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