Supply Now Exceeds Demand for COVID Vaccines in Allegheny County

While more people are getting vaccinated, the county remains in a “fourth wave” of new cases.


The long, often frustrating search for a COVID-19 vaccination appointment is over in Allegheny County. Health Department Director Dr. Debra Bogen says the availability of vaccines has resulted in looser restrictions on where people can get a second dose and more emphasis on making it easier for people to get a shot wherever they are.

“We have more supply than demand right now,” she said at a news conference Wednesday. “We now have more vaccine than we have people getting vaccinations.”

57% of the adult population in Allegheny County have received at least one dose of the vaccine according to County Executive Rich Fitzgerald. Among those 65 and older, 84% have received at least one shot. Anyone 16 or older is now eligible for the vaccine.

Bogen admits the pause in the administration of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine after six women developed rare blood clots within two weeks following their shots, was a setback.

“Simply put, it gave people who were questioning whether they wanted to get a vaccine an excuse not to get one,” she said. “I don’t wish to diminish the serious effects of blood clots, I only strive to reiterate that the risk of developing these blood clots is exceedingly rare, about one in a million.”

Bogen says the number of new cases dropped in the past week, down from an average of 425 to 350 cases a day.

“Not where we want to be, but certainly headed in the right direction,” Bogen said.

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