Suds Up: The All-Natural Shampoo That Comes in a Bar

Wilkinsburg-based Lovett Sundries proves shampoo doesn’t always have to be in liquid form.

photo courtesy of Lovett Sundries

Bars of body soap are nothing knew, but a bar of hair shampoo? Now that’s something we haven’t seen before.

Made of simple ingredients such as olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil and lye, Lovett Sundries’s shampoo ($10) cleans hair without stripping away the natural oils. Each bar is cured for six weeks, at which point the lye disappears after reacting with oil, and the water evaporates. The final result is a sudsy, saponified oil that’s then hand trimmed into a bar shape.

Lovett, which is based in Wilkinsburg, also handcrafts a number of other personal and cleaning products, including hand cream, lip balm, body soap and even dishwashing and laundry soap.

Each item is made with natural ingredients and does not include perfumes or dyes. According to Lovett’s website, the company started to make soap after learning about the chemicals used in big-brand cleaning products.

After that, the owners began creating their own products using only the most necessary and simplest ingredients. After the soap found popularity with family and friends, Lovett Sundries was born.

The online shop also sells a thoughtfully curated selection of handmade items, vintage finds and printed artwork.

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