Stupefyingly Drunk Gentleman From the Luke Bryan Concert Gets the WWE Treatment

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Public service announcement: Never drink to such excess that you’re able to be given the Jim Ross treatment. And please stop leaving your trash everywhere for the city to redd up. All in all, there were 300 citations given at Saturday night’s Luke Bryan concert, including 10 for public urination and six for disorderly conduct. There were 15 fights and 154 calls to 9-1-1.

You’re better than this, country bros. But at least we have this glorious video from Benstonium.


#Props: Dwell outlines 8 go-to local destinations

Between the bridges, Pittsburgh offers a host of architectural beauts. Modernist design magazine Dwell picked eight essential things to see and visit in our fair city. What made the cut? The Scaife galleries at Carnegie Museum of Art, the recently revamped Andy Warhol Museum, freshly cured meat mecca Cure and the tequila haven that is Verde Mexican Kitchen & Cantina (which also was featured in conjunction with the restaurant’s exhibit of local Pittsburgh muralists). 

Aside from museums and restaurants, the list contained some artful sightseeing locations. Check out the rest here

— Joelle Smith


#Props: Pittsburgh ranks ninth in the list of walkable U.S. metro areas

It’s time to ditch that car and put on your walking shoes, Pittsburgh. Out of all major U.S. metropolitan areas, Pittsburgh has been ranked the ninth most-walkable.

In the report from George Washington University, researchers found that many cities have taken full advantage of constructing office, retail and restaurant space in close proximity to neighborhoods. Statistically, 21 percent of Pittsburgh is considered to have walkable standards to work and stores from respective areas.

As a result, this makes driving the car to work unnecessary.

— Sam Fatula


#Confirmed: Pittsburgh settles plans for cycling lanes downtown

By early fall, cyclists and drivers will no longer have share road space on Penn Avenue and within the Cultural District, reports the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. A set of two-way, bicycle-only lanes are to be installed this summer. The upgrade is perfectly timed, as our city plays host to the Sept. 8 Pro Bike/​Pro Walk/​Pro Place conference.

— Joelle Smith


#Tech: Starbucks launches wireless chargers  

Just when you think there’s enough chaos during your Monday morning Starbucks coffee run, top off the madness with electrified countertops. Duracell partnered with the coffee chain to develop wireless chargers installed in tables, compatible with some smartphones. All you have to do is place your phone close to the “Powermat” on a nearby table and watch the battery power raise quicker than a caffeine high.

WTAE has the full scoop.

— Joelle Smith

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