Strip District Grocery/Restaurant Suddenly Closes

No specific reason has been offered for Marty's Market ending its three-and-a-half year run.


Marty’s Market in the Strip District is closed. The closure was announced on the market’s Facebook page.

The grocery store/casual restaurant opened in July 2012. The highlight of the grocery section was a top-flight butcher counter that supported an ambitious whole animal butchery program using animals from local farms such as North Woods Ranch. The restaurant, which utilized product from the grocery side of the business, expanded to offer dinner service last summer, and recently also acquired a liquor license.

The announcement was unexpected and there was no reason given for the sudden closing.

“We have had to make the extremely difficult decision to close our doors,” the owners wrote on Facebook. “All of us at Marty’s Market would like to thank the Pittsburgh community and our wonderful customers, farmers and vendors for an amazing three and a half years!” 

Management could not be reached for further comment.

––Hal B. Klein 


photo via flickr creative commons


#MovingtoPittsburgh: Oculus to Open Research Space in Oakland

Oculus, a company specializing in virtual reality, is planning on opening a 20,000-square-foot office in Oakland’s Schenley Place. This news comes on the heels of the company’s recent announcement of the official launch of their Oculus Rift virtual reality headset in the spring, a product born from a successful kickstarter campaign and years of research and development.

Facebook acquired the firm two years ago after Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg fell in love with its technology, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports.

Oculus is following in the footsteps of companies like Apple, Google, and Uber, all of which have recently opened or expanded offices in Pittsburgh and cemented the city’s reputation as a growing tech hub.

The office space is part of a $18 million development from developer Elmhurst; Schenley Place is renting another 14,000 square feet of office space to the University of Pittsburgh. For Oculus, the Pittsburgh office will complement their existing headquarters on Facebook’s campus in Menlo Park, Calif.

––Brian Trimboli


Credit: Taylor Maggiacomo, Carnegie Museum of Natural History and Carnegie Mellon University


#Discovery: Carnegie Mellon Museum Researchers Help Dig Up New Argentinian Dinosaur

Bernardo González Riga, a scientist at the Carnegie Museum of History, was part of a team that recently discovered a new species of dinosaur in Argentina. Riga worked with Matt Lamanna, another researcher from the museum, and three Argentinian scientists to unearth the dinosaur, Notocolossus gonzalezparejasi.

Discovered in the southern Mendoza Province, the dinosaur is a titanosaur, a type of sauropod. Its fossilized remains will provide important information about the feet of these giant dinosaurs, Riga said in a statement.

“Giant titanosaurs were the heaviest terrestrial creatures that ever lived,” Riga said in a statement. “But the hind feet of these dinosaurs — which are critical for understanding how they stood and moved — were not completely known until now. Now we have new evidence that helps to solve this mystery.”

The dinosaur, one of the largest ever discovered, was named for its size — Notocolossus translates to “Southern Giant.” The second part of the dinosaur’s name comes from a Mendoza-based lawyer whose work has been essential to paleontological discoveries in the area.



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