Startup: Pittsburgh Goat-Grazing Company

A local farmer is hoping to put to put her goats to work clearing weeds and unwanted plants.

Steel City Grazers’ recently launched crowdfunding campaign aimed at raising $40,000 to get its goat-grazing company off the ground.

The idea is to send the goats where most landscapers and machinery can’t, such as steep slopes or areas of dense vegetation.

The wholistic landscaping method chews up land in an environmentally friendly way and without “herbicide applications or noisy machinery,” according to a news release. To top it all off, the goats leave behind free (ahem) fertilizer.

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The funds are needed for the purchase of equipment, fencing, supplies, a guard llama (yes, you read that correctly) and — most critically — more goats.

“Pittsburgh has a lot of green space for an urban area, and its slopes can create challenges for traditional landscaping methods. Pittsburgh is ready for landscaping by goat,” says “Goatherd-in-chief” Carrie Pavlik.
— Natalie Daher


#Art: City prepares to unveil latest public-art installation

Despite falling temperatures (and snow), Jennifer Wen Ma wants you to know that winter is a time to enjoy. She'll aim to illustrate that point via her forthcoming public-art installation — though she notes that our current climate rivals what she remembers of Iceland. Wen Ma is the Market Square Public Art program's second featured artist; the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership and Office of Public Art work together on this initiative.

"A Winter Landscape Cradling Bits of Sparkle" shows a dark forest scene: Trees stand covered in Chinese ink. When they grow, and shed their black outer layer, pops of color emerge. To get the full experience, the observer is supposed to walk along the path — and keep an eye out for what Wen Ma calls "little gems": glass sculptures she created with a local artist. Wen Ma will reveal her "Winter" work Thursday in the heart of Market Square, where it'll be on view through April 12.
— Kristina Martin


#LeadingLadies: Pittsburgh helps to celebrate SWAN Day

Pittsburgh once again is among a string of global cities celebrating the accomplishments of women in the creative fields on Support Women Artists Now Day.

In its eighth year, the international holiday crops up in 24 countries. Pittsburgh’s seventh celebration, hosted by No Name Players, will take place on March 14 at the Twentieth Century Club in Oakland.

Local female artists will showcase work based on this prompt: “Everyone has an untold story hidden behind closed doors. Try to understand that people are not always as they first seem.”

SWAN Day incorporates musicians, dancers, theater artists, filmmakers and visual artists. Tickets at $25 each are available here.
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