Stamped with Love

In need of a Valentine’s Day gift? This personalized key ring has a lot of heart.


We all know it’s not difficult to lose your keys (wait, you mean they were in my bag the whole time?). Remembering a place that’s special to you and your loved one is even easier, thanks to one of these hand-stamped key rings available at Gifted Hands in Wexford.
Featuring aluminum and copper bars, the key ring ($45), handcrafted locally by Carrie’s Custom Creations, is stamped with coordinates that are important to you. For example, the bars could contain the longitude and latitude of your hometown, where you got married or even where you met your significant other or where the proposal took place. So romantic!
For parents with a sentimental side (and, really, who doesn’t have one when it comes to our kiddos?), we suggest adding the coordinates of the hospital where your baby was born or maybe even where you were when you learned the news that you were about to become a parent.
After all, Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love, for those big and small.

Available at Gifted Hands
3000 Village Run Road #105, Wexford



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