Sprout Fund Passes the Torch

50 Pittsburghers to receive $1,000 Legacy Award to carry on the nonprofit’s vision.

images courtesy Sprout fund


Since its inception in 2001, the Sprout Fund has propelled Pittsburgh forward “by inspiring and nurturing people with innovative, grassroots ideas to positively impact their communities.” But after a 17-year run, the fund has declared success and decided to cease operations.

“A cultural shift has taken root and our community is stronger and more resilient,” The Sprout Fund website explained, “It’s a good time to sunset.”

With the decision to close its doors, the Sprout Fund decided to award 50 Pittsburghers a Legacy Award, a $1,000 grant to continue the nonprofit’s vision locally.

“We called on the community to help us find individuals that embody Sprout’s ideals.” The Sprout Fund website stated, “We received more than 500 nominations for more than 300 awesome people.”

The 50 recipients were broken into seven categories ranging from “Audacious Thinker with Big Plans” to “Serious About Work but not Self”.

Tim Kaulen, who was placed in the “Quick Scrappy Authentic Pittsburgh” category, is a local sculptor who uses recycled materials and objects to create street art and public commissions. He currently has a petition on Care2 Petitions to save the geese painted on the 10th Street Bridge in the South Side. 

Quincy Kofi Swatson, an “Audacious Thinker with Big Plans,” is the executive director of The Door Campaign, which promotes STEM education by bringing green learning experiences to the City of Pittsburgh.

Satvika Neti is a “Challenger of the Status Quo” and serves as digital and social justice advocate at the Women and Girl’s Foundation. The local group strives to achieve “equality for women and girls now and for generations to come” through programs such as Paid Leave for PA and GIRLGOV

The Sprout Fund — which has taken on countess projects throughout the area from planting giant inflatables around the city to creating the Seed Award  giving young Pittsburghers support to make the city a better place — says the final 50 “Sprouters” are “committed to carrying our vision forward by tackling the pressing challenges of today and tomorrow in their own communities, and inspiring others to do the same.”

Learn more about all of the Sprout Fund's Legacy Award winners here.

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