Spooky Season: Pittsburgh Tattoo Company to Hold Halloween Flash

It marks the first flash tattoo event at the shop since before the pandemic.

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A ghost, a witch’s hat, a spooky bat, a pair of fangs …

These are just some of the options available at Pittsburgh Tattoo Company’s Halloween flash event, scheduled for Friday, Oct. 29. 

The Downtown shop’s flash sales have always drawn a sizable crowd of tattoo aficionados and amateurs alike. But amid the coronavirus pandemic, festivities have been sparse. The Halloween event marks the first of its kind since March 13, 2020 — the last of the shop’s infamous “Friday the 13th” tattoo and piercing flash events before COVID-19 pressed pause on life as we knew it.

Prices for the pre-drawn, Halloween-themed designs range from $80 to $100, a marked increase from past flash events, which typically cost $40 — $31 with a mandatory $9 tip. But they’re larger this time around; according to the promotional flyer, all designs are palm-sized, and color add-ons will be available, too. (Previously, the events were limited to black and white designs, and roughly one inch by one inch in size.) 

Other available designs include a coffin, a cauldron, a moon, a bottle of “boos” and more.

Doors for the Halloween event open at noon, and as with all the shop’s flash festivities, it’s walk-ins only. Visitors must be 18 or older, and the unvaccinated are required to wear masks.

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