So, We're Married. Now What?

After 46 days of wedded bliss, what excitement have the newlyweds experienced?

We’ve been married for exactly 46 days now, and every time someone asks "so, how’s married life," my answer is always the same. "It’s great, but it’s not a bit different."

As I’ve said in previous posts, Mr. Right and I had already lived together for almost two years when we tied the knot. So, we were pretty much set in our co-habitating ways. There were no surprises after the honeymoon. I already knew that he leaves dirty clothes on the floor, sometimes snores and never takes his dirty drinking glasses to the kitchen. But I also already knew that he always tries to do little things around the house to make me happy. Like helping with the laundry. He’s got the washing part down–when to use cold/warm water and how much detergent to use. Now we just need to work on the dryer because not everything gets dried the whole way!

Of course there are things that we need to do now that we are official, like combining insurance and changing my name. I’ve taken a few steps towards the official name change, but it’s a very intimidating process. Do I bother with websites like where for only $29.95, they will auto-complete online forms to make the name-changing process easier? To me, $30 could be much better spent elsewhere. (If you have any advice on this, I’d love to hear suggestions!)

Then there are the more serious decisions: To combine bank accounts or not to combine bank accounts? I know for sure one of the first things we need to do is create a budget and stick to it. That Dave Ramsey "Total Money Makeover Book" we bought well over a year ago–we have to actually read it! We’re both pretty good about putting money into savings every month, but now that the wedding’s over, we need to keep it there.

Speaking of money, would you like to know where a major portion of the generous wedding gifts we received went? A brand new…SEWER! Seriously, when you think of all the wonderful, grown up things you can buy with your wedding money, did you ever consider a sewer? I certainly didn’t. As long as I don’t have to deal with it, I don’t really care where the stuff goes once the toilet is flushed. But alas, the township won, and we now have a lovely new sewer and a torn up yard. A yard that I spent one of my first newlywed weekends covering in mushroom manure (which, by the way, is much more manure than mushroom).

The one thing that I couldn’t wait to do after the wedding was over was to sell all of my leftover stuff on! If you haven’t yet discovered Wedding Bee, you must do it now! Aside from all the user blogs that I never read (because who really cares about the details of someone else’s wedding, right? Oh, wait…), there is a great Classified section where you can buy, sell and trade all of your used and never-been-used wedding stuff. Although I never ended up buying anything on Wedding Bee, I spent countless hours searching for the things I wanted.

So, now I’ve listed for sale all of the essential decor that I just had to have–the woodslices painstakingly cut by my new father-in-law (while Mr. Right supervised), the antique mason jars carefully saved for years by my grandmother and all 144 votive holders that were hand-tied with raffia. Within a few hours, I had several inquiries. Now I’m just waiting for my first buyer so I can figure out how to ship 30 glass jars and 25 wood slices…

The one thing that I haven’t listed for sale just yet is my gown. I know, a lot of your are thinking "how could you possibly sell your wedding gown? Don’t you want your daughter to wear it someday?" Well, you tell me, did you even consider wearing your mother’s dress? Sorry, mom, but long, lacy sleeves just aren’t the trend anymore. Plus, how can anyone justifying paying hundreds of dollars to have your gown preserved for it to just sit in a box for the rest of its lifetime? I would much rather make a couple hundred dollars by selling it to some other deserving bride. (If you’re that deserving bride, shoot me an email!)

So, these are the types of things you have to look forward to in your post-wedding bliss. I hope you are able to spend your wedding money on something much more exciting than a sewer. No new bride should be made to shovel manure onto the lawn of her happy little love nest–isn’t that what my husband is for? Just kidding, dear!