Sinfully Beautiful

At greenSinner, get everything you need to keep your plants thriving — including new plants, if necessary.

Photo by John Altdorfer


Local florist greenSinner doesn’t just grow and sell blooms — its team understands the emotional connection between people and plants. Along with their booth at Pittsburgh Public Market and work as an events florist, greenSinner offers lectures, workshops and advice, inviting customers to “treat us like your plant mechanic.”

Take their terrariums: They’ll show you how to plant one and give you a care card. If you inadvertently kill the tropical plants inside, they’ll replace them for free.

“We don’t judge. We’re supportive; we’re loving,” says “Chief Eccentric Officer” Jimmy Lhor. The second time you err, they’ll help with replanting — but you’ll pay for the plants. “The third time,” he says with a sly smile, “we report you.”

That brand of goodwill-plus-attitude defines greenSinner; they’re called that because, in Lhor’s words, they’re not green saints. They focus on local, sustainable floristry in a world of imperfect options and aim to be 100 percent local in five years. For now, if the occasional mum comes from an out-of-state greenhouse, they hope you’ll forgive them — as they’ll forgive you every time your favorite plant begins to look like a bare stick in soil.

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