Show Some Love with These Tin Hearts

Handcrafted by Kim Fox, owner of Pittsburgh-based Worker Bird, the vintage-inspired storage tins will add a fun touch to your decor.

photo by matt dayak


Show some love for your walls — or your shelves — with these handcrafted tin hearts [$35 each] from Pittsburgh-based Worker Bird.

Creator Kim Fox, a 2014 finalist for the Martha Stewart American Made award, uses salvaged wood, vintage storage tins and nails to create her collages of maps, owls and other images that evoke western Pennsylvania.

A Mt. Lebanon resident, Fox works out of her "little suburban farm," where she lives with her husband and son, eight chickens, three dogs, a cat and a hamster, according to her website.

To find old tins to use in her patchwork collages, she typically scours estate sales. She also provides freelance design and illustration for a select group of clients, including the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh and local farm-to-table restaurants.

As the name of her business implies, she likes to stay as busy as a bird!

Available at several Pittsburgh area retailers.


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