Shirts We Love For Valentine’s Day

Let your heart do the talking with these fun sweaters from Rosewood Boutique.

photos courtesy of rosewood boutique


It’s easy to fall in love this Valentine’s Day — with a shirt.

The Love Struck sweater ($68) from Rosewood Boutique in Sewickley subtly evokes the holiday with a pair of heart-shaped elbow patches in a fun shade of bright pink.

We absolutely <3 this sweater, which comes in cream or navy blue.

Also available at Rosewood is the Be Mine top ($45.99) featuring a sparkly sequined heart on the chest, because we know you’re filled with love. Wear it Feb. 14 to a group outing with friends or for a hot date night on the town.

For the guys out there, these sweaters also would be a great gift for the lady in your life. Hint, hint — and don’t forget the flowers or a card.

Either top is a win for holiday, or all year long. Hey, just because it’s no longer Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you can’t wear your heart on your sleeve. 

Available at Rosewood Boutique
412 Beaver St., Sewickley


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