Shapewear That’s Meant to Be Seen

Created by Pittsburgh mom Jennifer Mendicino, the Blazer Shaper looks like a blouse but has the support power of spandex.


Shapewear has been around for a while now (Spanx, anyone?), but typically the garments are hidden underneath clothing, leaving no one the wiser about what’s keeping your tummy in check.

The Blazer Shaper ($79.99), developed by local mom Jennifer Mendicino, changes all that while still providing — often much needed — undergarment support.

While the patented design looks like a button-down shirt, including peek-a-boo cuffs, the Blazer Shaper has the support and structure of spandex shapewear. When worn under a blazer or jacket, it looks just like any other blouse.

A single mom of two, Mendicino came up with the idea for the Blazer Shaper after rifling through her own closet in search of something to wear that would make her feel good.

After finding an old shaping shirt, the South Hills resident experimented pairing it with other garments in an effort to put together a professional, yet comfortable look, according to a statement from Pretty Living PR.

Inspiration struck. Then next day, Mendicino called the patent office with her vision for the Blazer Shaper.

Today, Mendicino is the founder of Sottile Fashion & Designs, which specializes in women’s work wear. Her signature Blazer Shaper — which has an interior spandex panel for that troublesome tummy area — is available in seven colors.

Available at Sottile Fashion & Design


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