See Behind-the-Scenes Interviews in Extended Mr. Rogers Trailer

Cast, crew, friends and family tell the ‘Heart of the Story’ in this extended trailer.

Those who grew up in The Neighborhood of Make-Believe can expect to relive their childhood memories soon enough.

AFFIRM Films released “The Heart of the Story,” an extended trailer for the upcoming film “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.”

The new trailer features interviews from the cast and crew along with those who knew Rogers personally — including his wife, Joanne, and writer Tom Junod, who wrote the article “Can You Say … Hero?” The film is based on that article and the relationship between Rogers and Junod.

“This movie is sort of like an episode of ‘Mister Rogers’ for adults,” says director Marielle Heller in the trailer.

Heller refers to the film not as a biopic, but as a story that prompts viewers to reflect on their own lives, emotional wellbeing and humanity.

“He gave people the liberty to explore something deep and vulnerable about themselves,” Heller says.

Junod experienced that talent first hand, spending an extended period of time with Rogers to conduct research for his article. In the trailer, Junod says it’s Rogers’ daily routines that he remembers most — praying, thinking of people to pray for and writing to those people.

“He had that amazing gift of looking at a person and seeing what that person needed that he was going to minister to that person,” Junod says. “And that person, in this particular case, was me.”

Joanne Rogers, played by Maryann Plunkett in the film, speculates in an interview that her husband received more mail than anyone in the United States — and he answered all of it. She goes on to say that “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” is a “very needful film right now.”

In the film, the character based closely off Junod will be a journalist named Lloyd Vogel, played by actor Matthew Rhys.

“I think there’s a resurgence of Fred because the world sort of needs it,” Rhys says.

The film will hit be released nationwide in theaters Nov. 22.

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