Saved By the Cell (Helmet)

If you need to protect your iPhone, the innovators at Greensburg-based cellpig can help with their cellhelmet.


It's rare to find a product that blends beauty with brawn. But the folks at Greensburg-based cellpig think their cellhelmet actually does. The iPhone case catches eyes with its sleek, sexy design —- but its one-of-a-kind guarantee should perk up some ears, too.

When you buy a cellhelmet for $44.99, you'll also receive one year of protection for your beloved iPhone — plus, customizable back plates in such color combos as pink and purple (girly yet subtle). If your iPhone accidentally breaks while in its helmet, a service claim can be filed. The cellpig team promises to repair or replace your busted phone within three business days (for a $50 handling fee). And while repairs are unlimited, replacements are not (even though you'll have a fabulous cover protecting your iPhone, be careful).

Company co-founders (and Greensburg natives) Bryan McHenry and Michael Kane bucked conventional wisdom by choosing to produce cellhelmet in Latrobe. "Our main goal was to have cellhelmet made in America," says McHenry. "But we wanted to keep it local."

Even with a great idea and investors at hand, the duo still faced a challenge: raise the funds necessary to manufacture the cases (and pay the bills) until sales took off. A 40-day Kickstarter online campaign pre-sold about 500 cellhelmets and generated more than $17,000. The first products were shipped in April —- so if you constantly drop your iPhone, visit to order a case immediately.

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