Sandcastle's New Water Slide Promises a Wild Ride

The Homestead water park's new slide will send riders free falling at 26-feet-per second.


Just like roller coasters, when it comes to water slides, the faster the better. 

Sandcastle's new water slide for the 2020 summer season is called “Bombs Away.” The name makes sense when you consider what riders will experience on what the park describes as a high altitude, looping, free-fall body slide. 

After ascending to a height of more than six stories, riders can enjoy a panoramic view of the Monongahela River while contemplating their fate. When it's their turn, the rider enters the launch capsule and stands on a platform. A countdown begins and when it ends, the floor beneath their feet falls away. 

“Riders are sent free falling at 26 feet-per-second before safely making their final splash in the runout below,” according to a news release. In case you're wondering, 26 feet-per-second is the equivalent of nearly 18 miles-per-hour. That might not seem fast in a car, but it feels a whole lot faster when you're not wearing a seat belt and gravity is in the driver's seat. 

“We’re excited to welcome ‘Bombs Away’ to our existing collection of attractions that our guests have grown to love,” says Tom Radovic, general manager for Sandcastle. "We're certain this new experience will be an instant favorite." 

The new slide will be located next to Sandcastle's Lightning Express. For those who'd rather watch than ride, spectators will be able to view their more adventurous friends and family through a translucent shield. 

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