Run For Your Life: Zombies Are Descending on Pittsburgh

Hundreds of the undead will roam the forests of Wampum this weekend. Can you run your way to survival?

Image courtesy of Run for Your Lives 5K


Motivation is key when it comes to cardio. Some people turn to Metallica to get them through a tough run. Some just imagine people they dislike. Now you can sign up to endure the ultimate motivation: hordes of flesh-eating zombies chasing you through a muddy forest.

The Run for Your Lives 5K is something of a national sensation. This Saturday, the brain-hungry infected will chase survivors through the Mines & Meadows resort in Wampum, Pa.

Runners have the option of registering as survivors or zombies. If you choose the latter, you’ll be aided by professional makeup artists, who will custom-shred your clothes and apply horrifying makeup at the on-site Zombie Transformation Center.

Zombies are just the beginning of the challenge for hopeful survivors. They’ll have to crawl, jump, slide and splash their way through a blood pit, a dark, smoke-filled house and a giant maze filled with the undead.

To date, only 40,000 of the 130,000 runners nationwide have finished the race without being “infected.” Whatever happens, runners, please don’t freak out like Andrea from “The Walking Dead.”

After the race, everybody lets loose at the “apocalypse party.” There’s going to be old-fashioned barbecue, vegan fare, music and plenty of drinks to take the edge off a stressful day of post-apocalyptic horror.

Sign up now. The race is 95 percent full for zombies and 78 percent full for survivors.




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