Riverfront Swings: Cincinnati Has Them – Should Pittsburgh?

KDKA's Ken Rice is on a mission to bring shaded, porch-style bench swings to Pittsburgh's riverfronts.

In late June, KDKA's Ken Rice posted this picture on his Facebook page and suggested:  “I love the Point. But these benches overlooking the river should be swings.” 

For Rice, this was not a one and done comment. Many people agreed with him and one shared this picture along Cincinnati's riverfront.

Then he heard from Vivien Li who runs Riverlife, the nonprofit organization charged with restoring, enhancing and promoting Pittsburgh’s riverfronts. 

KDKA News director Anne Linaberger wondered aloud if Rice's suggestion should be heard on more than social media, so Rice did what he does best and made his case on television.

Rice admits that being an advocate for any type of cause is not part of his day job.

“I really stepped out my role,” he says. “We discussed that at work. It's kinda of a fun thing, hopefully not too controversial and it was met with instant acceptance. When I showed people the pictures from Cincinnati, almost everyone said ‘Yes I could picture that … how we can we make that happen?’”

Rice isn't sure where it will all end up, but he's hopeful.

“I'm putting the idea out there.  Will it benefit property owners along the river? Maybe they'll think the swings will attract more people and that's good for everyone. It can't hurt to get people talking about it.”

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