Rent or Buy? In Pittsburgh, Which Is Better on Your Wallet?

Also, a pizza-shop owner learns the hard way that jury duty is serious business — plus the case for Andy Warhol in 3 minutes.

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If you live in Pittsburgh, what’s easier on the wallet, renting or buying? A new study conducted by Florida Atlantic University suggests it’s a wash.

Pittsburgh is among seven cities (the others are: Miami, Honolulu, Los Angeles, Portland, San Francisco and Seattle) at the point where “the spread between monthly rent payments and ownership payments appears to be at a point where neither ownership nor renting is statistically favored.”

The Beracha, Hardin & Johnson Buy vs. Rent (BH&J) Index “conducts a ‘horse race’’ comparison between an individual that is buying a home and an individual that rents a similar quality home and reinvests all monies otherwise invested in homeownership.”

Three cities (Dallas, Denver and Houston) favored renters. Four other cities (Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Detroit) were a better deal for buyers.


#NightinJail: Local guy finds out jury duty is no joke

McCandless pizza shop owner Robert Cenci Jr. got a civics lesson Monday, when Allegheny County Common Pleas Judge David R. Cashman tossed him in jail for 18 hours for being a “self-centered jerk” during jury selection for a homicide trial. 

Judge Cashman said Cenci answered his jury questionnaire in a way to avoid selection for the trial.

Cashman tells the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that when lawyers in the case asked Cenci about his answers, Cenci leaned in and asked the prosecutor, “Did you do it?”

“It's obvious to any third-grader as to what he was doing,” the judge tells the paper. “He was jerking us around.”

After his overnight stay behind bars, Cenci returned to Cashman’s courtroom in handcuffs, where he apologized.

“I'm so embarrassed with the way I acted yesterday,” Cenci, owner of Cenci's Restaurant, Pizzeria & Bar in Pine Township, tells the paper. “I was frustrated … this is not the kind of man I am.”

Upon hearing his act of contrition, Judge Cashman released Cenci.

#InfluentialArtists: Web series makes the case for Andy Warhol

The Art Assignment is a weekly Web series that celebrates the creative process and “today’s most innovative artistic minds.” Once in a while, the series looks back at influential artists who have shaped modern art as we know it. You may have heard of this guy.

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