Real Pittsburgh Weddings: Why All of the Guests Got a Gift

This couple wanted to make sure all of their guests felt as included as possible.

Photos by Kevin Pieto | Pittsburgh Imagery


Laura Wienand and Bryan Koval wanted all of their guests to feel like they were part of the wedding party and the fun that comes along with it.

“We spent a lot of time thinking about how our guests would experience the day,” says Laura, 34. “After all, the whole reason to have a public wedding is to recognize how important the people in your life are to you, and how lucky we are to have so many people who wanted to support our marriage.”

To bring everyone into the fold, the couple had their florist, greenSinner, provide a boutonniere bar so that all of their guests could wear fresh flowers.


“We actually got the idea at the Pittsburgh Magazine Wedding event in 2015,” says Bryan, 35. “We met our florist at that event and were really struck by how fun a boutonniere bar could be for our wedding.”

The couple was married on June 25 at White Oak Farm in Allison Park, a farm owned by a family friend.

“As we planned our wedding, the thought that we kept going back to was that we wanted to plan a party that we would actually be excited to attend. We wanted to focus on making our guests feel included in as much of the day as possible,” Bryan says.

In addition to providing fresh flower pieces for everyone, Laura’s father roasted coffee for the couple to hand out as favors, a nod to their first date and their family’s obsession with the caffeinated drink.


Two of the couple’s friends staffed the boutonniere bar and helped the guests make their pieces as they showed up. They offered lavender, lisianthus, baby’s breath, heuchera, delphinium, ruscus and eucalyptus. The flowers were chosen by the florist to complement the colors used in the rest of the wedding, and to hold up nicely throughout the day.

“We didn’t have ushers at our wedding, so the [friends] we had staff the boutonniere bar also acted as greeters. It was lovely to have them welcome guests in with flowers, and they helped set the tone we wanted from the moment people arrived,” Laura says.

The couple says that all you need to provide a boutonniere bar to guests is a florist who shares your excitement and who you can trust with details.

“[Our guests] really loved this idea,” Bryan says. “I think people felt special being able to participate in our day, and it was fun for us to see all of our guests wearing their flowers.”

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