Ready for More New Development Along McKnight Road?

Plans are in the works for Ross Township that include new shopping options and restaurants.

Intersection of McIntyre and McKnight Roads in Ross Township

Photos by Richard Cook

Allegheny County Council is considering an offer to buy and develop 13 acres of land between the Kane Regional Center and McKnight Road in Ross Township.

Herky Pollock’s Regional Development partners offered $1.25 million for the parcel, according to KDKA-TV.

Ross Township Commissioner Steve Korbel believes the redevelopment of the old Northway Mall into the new Block at Northway led to interest in the property, which is located across the street.

“I am expecting that it will be a mixed-use development including retail, restaurants, housing and perhaps a hotel,” said Korbel.

“The Township is encouraging developers to consider mixed-use developments in order to diversify our tax base and to position the Township to weather any future downturn in brick and mortar retail due to the rise of online shopping.”


While any new development allows the township to keep its property taxes low, it also has the potential to add more traffic on what’s sometimes referred to as “McKnightmare” Road.

“The Township has taken and continues to take steps to alleviate traffic issues on McKnight Road. PennDOT and the Township are adding an adaptive traffic signal system that will result in better traffic flow because the lights will change their timing based upon existing traffic conditions,“ said Korbel.

“Currently, the timing of the traffic lights [on McKnight] is based upon traffic counts from 15 or 20 years ago.”

If approved by county council, construction could start as early as next year with businesses opening sometime in 2018, KDKA reported. It's not clear whether access to the new development would be directly from McKnight or McIntyre Road.


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