Ranking Pittsburgh's Suburbs: The Raw Data

Want to dig further into our research? You can compare where you live to all 131 suburbs using 27 different criteria.

This chart includes all 27 measures we used to rank the suburbs. It is representative of the sorts of things people look for in choosing a place to live, grouped into five main categories: Housing, Neighborhood, Schools, Safety and Traffic.

How to use this chart: Use your computer's “Find” function to search for your community. Hover over icons below chart to download or open in full screen.


  • Allegheny County Division of Computer Services (tree cover data)
  • Allegheny County Office of the Treasurer (2018 municipal and school district property tax millages)
  • Allegheny, Butler, Washington and Westmoreland county elections boards (2016-17 voter registration and turnout numbers)
  • College Board (2017 school district SAT averages)
  • Pennsylvania State Police (2016 and 2017 crime statistics for local police departments)
  • Pennsylvania Department of Education (2017-18 AP courses and full-day kindergarten by district)
  • Pennsylvania Department of Revenue (municipal road miles for crashes-per-mile ratio)
  • RealSTATS (median home sales data for 2012 and 2017)
  • U.S. Census 2016 American Community Survey (demographic, commuting and home ownership data)
  • Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center (2015 county crash statistics, restaurant listings for coffee shops)
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