Raise It, Super Mario McCutchen

One .gif to get you through the stress of Game 5.


Desperate times call for desperate measures. The entire city is on edge ahead of the Pirates’ do-or-die showdown with the St. Louis Cardinals tonight. If you want incisive, clear-eyed analysis, read Sean Collier’s examination of the 5 crucial decisions facing the Pirates. Personally, we’re an emotional wreck. So we’ll simply take solace in this brilliant Super Mario McCutchen .gif from @JollyRogerBlog to raise our spirits.

Let the stress-eating commence.


Raise it. For the love of Roberto, raise it.



#Props: Just Ducky Tours welcomes millionth rider


Talk about timing. Just as a 40-foot-tall rubber duck arrives on our rivers, the venerable Just Ducky Tours has welcomed its millionth rider. The Tichler family (fittingly third generation Pittsburghers) ended up being the riders to push Just Ducky over the 1 million milestone.

Our own PittGirl conquered one of her lifelong fears when she rode on the “Duck Boat” in 2011. After swallowing her pride, and possibly something that came from a flask, she found it to be delightful. Read all about her adventure on the high seas rivers here.

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