Rachel Carson Awards Program and Scholarship Comes to Chatham

The famed environmentalist was a Chatham alumna, and the award will be given to students who embody her spirit.


Rachel Carson was a famed scientist, author, environmentalist and Chatham alumna who graduated in 1929. To celebrate her legacy, Chatham University announced a new awards program and scholarship for high school and community college students.

The Rachel Carson Healthy Planet Award will be given to one student nominated from each high school and community college throughout the United States. The students must show their dedication to sustainability and community development.

“Rachel Carson has been an inspiration and a catalyst for Chatham’s embrace of sustainability in our mission, our programs and throughout the larger university,” says David Finegold, president of Chatham University, in a release. “The Rachel Carson Healthy Planet Award & Scholarship was created to honor and extend her legacy, inspiration and impact to a new generation of leaders who will help complete her vision of healthier people and a healthier planet.”

Awards winners will receive a special edition of Carson’s book Silent Spring, a certificate of achievement, a $5,000 merit scholarship to attend Chatham University and an invitation to Chatham’s Sustainable Leadership Academy. The deadline for nominations is April 2.

Healthy Planet Award winners will also receive preferred consideration for the Rachel Carson Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded each year to a new first-year student and a new transfer student from a community college. It is a full-tuition scholarship to attend Chatham University. To qualify for a scholarship interview, applicants must meet all scholarship requirements and be accepted to Chatham. The deadline for the scholarship is April 1 for community college students and Nov. 1 for high school seniors.

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