Put Away Your Veil and Try This on for Size

These Pittsburgh brides found their perfect final touch to their bridal looks in the form of a headpiece — all at the same shop.

Photo by Leeann Marie Photography

Chelsey Clark knew that she wanted to put as much of her personality into her look as possible when she married Jon Finkel on Oct. 14. Though not accustomed to white, fluffy dresses, Chelsey thought that she could still wear one while featuring her own style.

After receiving a recommendation from her sister to check out Clarissa Boutique, a bridal accessories shop on the South Side, Chelsey found the perfect addition to her wedding attire: A headpiece made up of gold circles with little pearls accenting each center. She felt that the headpiece had a bohemian look to it, which went with her personality.

“It made me feel like myself in a big white dress,” Chelsey says.

Photo by Amanda Brisco Photography

After choosing Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Polish Hill for their wedding ceremony and the Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel for their reception, Sara Zalewski and Joe Eckelman had a whimsical and romantic wedding theme laid out in front of them. Sara was determined to infuse these themes into her bridal look and decided the best way to do so was through an interesting headpiece.

At her wedding on Sept. 2, Sara donned a headpiece akin to a vine of crystals. After choosing the band at Clarissa Boutique, Sara found a comb with a cluster of crystals that she wanted to use to make the headpiece stand out even more. “I really wanted a focal point on the headband for more of a ‘wow factor,’” Sara says.

Clarissa Boutique assembled Sara’s hair accessory by attaching the comb to the headband.

“The women there were fabulous to work with and really helped my vision come to life,” Sara says.

Sara’s flowers, accented by vines, complemented her vine-like headpiece, and the lace flowers on her dress reinforced the whimsical theme she was hoping for.

Photos by Studio Bash

Mallory Smith felt that a headpiece would finish off her bridal look, which included a dress created by her mother, Penelope Smith and two aunts, who own Clarissa Boutique.

“My dress was silk twill with lace appliqués, so I wanted to be sure to somehow include sparkle,” Mallory says.

The chosen hair accessory — a silver halo featuring different sized crystal clusters — was found at the boutique, and her family added Swarovski crystals to personalize it and add sparkle. Mallory also found her earrings, belt, brooch and bracelet to complement her look at the boutique.

At her wedding to Mark Spirnak on Oct. 14, Mallory sparkled on all sides at St. Paul Cathedral — “I also chose this particular headpiece because it could be seen from all angles,” she says.

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