Punxsutawney Phil Under Fire in Amusing Peep Ad Campaign

The makers of those marshmallow candies are challenging Phil's defacto role as the ultimate weather expert.


When it comes to single weather forecasts, no one gets more attention than Punxsutawney Phil's annual prognostication. Each and every Feb. 2, thousands shiver in the pre-dawn hours at Gobbler's Knob to see if Pennsylvania's most famous mascot is ready or not to declare an early end to winter. 

Now the people at Peeps — makers of those marshmallow candies — are challenging Phil's defacto role as the ultimate weather expert with a creative ad campaign. 

Yes – it's silly – but what do you expect in an election year?

––PM Staff



#Vote: Pittsburgh's Rock 'n Roll Legends

When you hear the words “Pittsburgh Rock and Roll Legend,” whose name comes to mind?

If it’s any of the 14 names below, make sure to register to vote in the Third Annual Pittsburgh Rock ‘N Roll Legends Awards benefiting the Cancer Caring Center.

The celebration will be held at Stage AE on Thursday, April 28. These awards were created to highlight the artists and industry professionals who have helped shape the Pittsburgh Rock ‘n Roll scene. 

There are four categories for this year's nominees:

Modern Era Legends

  • Billy Price
  • Joe Grushecky
  • Rusted Root
  • The Clarks

Music Industry Professional Legends

  • Henry DeLuca
  • Joe Rock
  • Pat DiCesare

Legacy Legends

  • Bobby Vinton
  • The Jaggerz
  • The Skyliners
  • The Vogues

Music Broadcaster Legends

  • Chuck Brinkman
  • Sean McDowell
  • Terry Lee

In order to vote, you have to register here by February 7. Your vote, along with those of a panel of nearly 200 local producers, promoters, musicians and other music industry professionals, will decide this year's winners.

The real winner is the Cancer Caring Center which, since 1988, has been providing emotional and social support to cancer patients and their families.

––Nuria Marquez


photo via flickr creative commons


#Round 3: ‘Burgh Brew Brackets

What do readers say about the best brew in the ‘Burgh? Pittsburgh Magazine invited local and regional breweries to submit a beer of their choice to compete in a bracket-style, readers’ poll tournament. Starting today, 16 locally-brewed beers are going head-to-head. Seeds for the tournament of 16 were randomly selected. Now we are down to the final 4.
To cast your vote in this next-to-the-last-round, click here. The winner will be announced in our March issue.

––by PM Staff


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