Primanti’s Cheesesteak Makes Esquire’s Best Late-Night Food in America List

The best way to end a fuzzy night of chaos? Meat. Cheese. Fries. Slaw.

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Actual true story: In college, we knew a very innocent freshman who became a wee bit overexuberant about his post-finals hydration. Upon entering the dorm room, we found him pantsless and snoring face-down on the floor. All the lights were on. The computer was playing, of all things, Bach. One hand was resting on a calculus book. The other was clutching a Primanti Bros. cheesesteak in mid-air.

Picture a WWF wrestler in a sleeper hold who suddenly springs his arm to life.

Laugh if you want, but our friend knew how sacred a Primanti Bros. meal was in the midst of a 2 a.m. spiral. The guy now is a doctor.

We digress. Esquire has included the Primanti Bros. cheesesteak in its list of the Best Late-Night Food in the U.S.A.

The mag staff recommends that you “wash it down with one last beer and disappear into the fuzzy end-of-the-night chaos.”

No. Imprudent. You need water. Drink the water.


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