Primanti Bros. vs. Burger King in Sandwich Wars

Burger King plans to put fries on top of a burger. Primanti Bros. responds with force.


Nope. Unacceptable. To invoke Mr. Lebowski, this aggression will not stand, man. Burger King announced today that it will offer a new “French Fry Burger” starting on Sept. 1 for just $1. It’s a regular burger with a few fries on top. That’s it.

First of all, at least come correct with your fast food mad science, BK. Say what you will, but Taco Bell put some serious thought into the Doritos Locos tacos. Secondly, Burger King is about 80 years late to the fries-on-sammy party.

Primanti Bros. responded to the shocking news on Twitter today:



Talk about Twitter beef, am I right?


Think Globally, Do Locally With Wonderaddo


It’s not news: there’s plenty of global culture in the ’Burgh. Pick a spot on the globe, and our fair city has it represented in a festival, party or performance, from the Ukraine to Japan.

How to keep track of these worldwide celebrations? Brand-new website Wonderaddo is here to help. Aiming to keep locals up to date on every family-friendly multicultural happening — and to help parents educate their tykes about lands far and wide — Wonderaddo offers a variety of resources on all the global goodness Pittsburgh has to offer.

This Saturday, they’re celebrating their launch with a family-focused celebration at the Pittsburgh Public Market in the Strip. Drop by from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. for Indian folk art, Middle Eastern dancing, Latin-American crafts (Dia de los Muertos is just around the corner!) and more, including something called an “African Galimoto Obstacle Course” courtesy of Ten Thousand Villages (frankly, we're tempted to drop by just to discover what that is). It’ll make your kids happy and more curious about the world around them — and it’s free.

Can’t make it Saturday? Bookmark Wonderaddo for great events, year-round.

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