Pre-Wedding Garb: Getting Ready in Style

How to make morning wedding photo ops more memorable, while also making the preparations a little more fun



Every bride knows that the moments before the wedding are more than just the time for hair and makeup: It’s a time for bridal party bonding and calming those pre-wedding jitters. To celebrate this special time, a lot of brides opt to have a photo session with their bridesmaids, often with matching attire. As such a popular tradition, it’s hard to find a new way to personalize these moments for the bridal party. Whether it’s something that can be worn again and again or just for one day, these two brides share their ideas that are a little more than the commonplace robe.


Ready in Robes
To get ready for the big day, Donna Pappano was mainly concerned with her bridesmaids’ comfort, so she picked out matching silk robes from Macy’s as a gift to her bridesmaids on the wedding day. “We had to start getting ready really early due to the early ceremony, and I wanted to make sure they felt like they could roll out of bed and throw the robe on instead of having to get ready to ‘get ready’!” she says.

Donna also wanted to bring together fashion and function in the perfect outfit. “I wanted to get them something they could wear again and not just something that was specific to the wedding day,” she says.

And, according to the bride, wearing the robes made wedding preparation a lot more enjoyable. “It definitely made the day more fun,” she says. “The best part was taking awesome group photos in the robes before we all slipped into our dresses.”

Photo: Leeann Marie Wedding Photographers


Monogrammed Morning
When Christine Pellegrino was planning her wedding day, she knew she wanted something fun but also functional for her and her bridesmaids when they were getting ready. Together with her mother and her maid of honor, Christine brainstormed different matching outfits, eventually settling on monogrammed button up shirts.

“They were classy and allowed everyone the easy ability to get ready after getting their hair and makeup done,” she says.

The bride purchased the shirts from the Etsy shop SaviStitches for herself, her bridesmaids, her mother and her future mother-in-law to make the morning festivities a little more enjoyable — while also giving these special women something personalized that they could use even after the big day.
“The shirts allowed everyone to be comfortable and feel beautiful while starting to get ready for the day and [it was] another way to remember the wonderful day,” she says.

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